Winter Semester Painting and Drawing

Offered on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

These are not simply group courses, but they are one-on-one consultations based on the needs and desires of each individual student. This allows for each person to arrive and work on the level they are at.  In addition, there are group conversations that work to expand understanding of all that the school embodies - connecting to ones voice through different modes of energy work, understanding the language of painting, technical ideas and opening up to some of your best teachers, artists from history.  

  • Registration, dates and cost are to be announced.

  • Taught by Diane Green.

  • Classes meet weekly and are limited to twelve people.

  • Everyone is seen individually in the order that they arrive.

  • Classes are from 10am - 3pm with a break for lunch.

  • Art materials and paintings can be stored at the studio.

  • Makeup sessions are available during the semester.

  • Alternate Thursdays will be available for make up sessions.

    Email: to Sign Up!

    Payment can be mailed after registration is confirmed.