Testimonials From Students

of The Green Studio School: 


"Diane spurs the magic of the creative process. Using invaluable insights which she has acquired from her own lifelong painting practice she helps her students continue to move and grow. Typically, academic settings such as graduate programs are more oriented towards making end products and criticizing them, with the goal of fine tuning work so it could hold up in the art world. Unfortunately, the effect can be disabling. 

"Diane’s students learn how to play with the formal language, technique and gain familiarity with artists from all of history.  In combination, these elements give form to one’s personal vision. My professors at graduate school did not address quite so many levels. They favored concepts, were wary of teaching formal language or technique, and often limited their focus to more current artists. While at school, much of my energy was spent on self preservation but ultimately I was left feeling decimated. Most visiting artists, though well regarded for their own work, did not lead constructive critiques. They wanted to toughen you up.  Diane mentors her students. She is encouraging and positive, and I think that students respond better to this approach.

Upon my return to Diane's class this past summer, she swiftly rekindled the joy that had been lost and helped me proceed, unencumbered by forethought, judgment, and other hindrances to my further development."

~ Sophie


"I am one of a group of very fortunate people who are having the experience of being taught to paint, by a warm, wise, talented, and very special teacher, named Diane Green. She has created a most unusual situation, whereby her students work, in their own space, and on their own individual work. There is no such thing as everybody copying the same still life, or model. Diane has an extra- ordinary ability to perceive where each one of us is, in our own work, and by understanding us,as unique individuals, she is able to offer each of us the help we need. The entire group of painters are warm and supportive of each other, and it gives me great joy to watch everybody grow, as painters. I attribute this atmosphere to Diane, and because I continue to want to make even better paintings I could not be in a more perfect place. Thank you, Diane."

~ Linda Schwartz


"Diane Green is a wonderful combination of talented artist and teacher with whom I have studied for over 20 years.  Under her direction and guidance, I have learned that a painting is a wonderful tapestry of different relationships and how to develop and read those relationships.

She has taught me to look rather than just see.  Her extraordinary gift of verbal communication allows her to connect with each student and help develop the individual’s talents and interests. Diane’s gifts go far beyond the canvas as she assists each student on their own artistic journey."

~ Gail Gardella


"Art lessons with Diane Green go beyond learning to paint. They are a life experience expressed through painting. 

Diane is perhaps the best teacher I have ever had. While teaching the importance of understanding the formal language of art ( composition, hue, making space, and studying masters in art history) she encourages her students to use these elements to express themselves. She addresses the whole person.

The class has many students who range from novice to those who have studied for years. All students grow because Diane addresses each student individually working with her/him in a positive way to accomplish the expressed goal. Continued growth is also encouraged by the availability of various workshops.

Diane is a very talented and accomplished artist in her own right. Her paintings encompass both the academic techniques of art and the soul and emotion of art. I feel very fortunate to be one of her students. She and her art have been traveling with me allowing me to experience and learn to paint but also to learn more of my self.

And- it is fun!"

~ Roberta Guerette



I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the Green Studio School where I have been learning about the art of expression and the expression of art for over 10 years.  It's a very special place.  Under Diane Green's patient and expert tutelage, I have discovered the absolute joy and freedom of putting paint on canvas.  Diane, through the years has been able to identify my particular style and sense my ever changing moods.  She uses these insights as teaching tools, always encouraging without judgement or negativity. Each lesson opens my eyes to something new and informative.  She is a talented artist, intelligent and heartfelt teacher, listener, advisor and friend.  

~ Sara Gilbert


"I joined Diane Green's artist studio approximately five years ago. I come down to the studio 1-2 times a week to work on my oil paintings. I look forward to my time in the studio as I find it tremendously rewarding on so many levels. My work has evolved over the course of the last five years.  I've explored creating representational and abstract forms of art.  The biggest leap that I have made with my work is that I have gained the knowledge and confidence  to direct the next steps in my work. Diane gave this gift to me by her consistent imparting of knowledge about the creative process as well as strong positive messaging along the way. There is a tremendous spirit of support and camaraderie among all of the artists in the studio. This makes the Green Studio a very special place to develop your artistic skills."

~ Melissa Noah


"I have been the happy recipient of Diane Green's tutelage for the past 14 years. I have found Diane's approach to teaching to be unique. She is instructive, based on her extensive knowledge and experience, and at the same time she encourages and supports the development of individual creativity. This dual approach has fostered an enriching studio atmosphere that is of inspirational benefit to all of the many different interests represented there."

~ Anne Telford


"I have been painting for the past fifteen years and have been part of the Green Studio for approximately the last five. My prior experience with many different art instructors had been only adequate.  When I first encountered Diane's teaching, I knew immediately that she understood me as an artist. She is supportive and at the same time is able to give constructive criticism, often relating her comments to art history. I have grown artistically at a  pace that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. Her support gives me the ability to be brave and free as an artist. An added bonus is the wonderful group of women that Diane has cultivated. It has all been a wonderful experience."

~ Sunny Stubin


"I have been taking art classes for many years and have learned more from Diane at the Green Studio School than from any other art teacher. She has a unique way of teaching, going beyond just telling students what to do next. By showing students the work of great artists as well as teaching about color, drawing, composition, light, hue, depth, etc. I have gained a deeper understanding of what makes a great painting. The studio is spacious & bright. The students & atmosphere are friendly & supportive, altogether making it the best part of my week."

~ Rhonda


"Diane has been a teacher and mentor to me and encouraged me to express myself and what was happening in my life through painting. Because of this, painting has helped me through some of the roughest times in my life. Diane is unique in her approach to teaching and has opened up many new doors for experiences in art as well as spiritually. She also has an exceptional talent for providing fun and stimulating classes."

~ Renee Baley

"I have been a student of Diane's for the past five years. She is such a wonderful teacher-- very positive and works with each student individually according to each persons needs. She has brought more out of me than any teacher I had in the past. She also is very sensitive & spiritual & works with ones energy even sometimes stopping class for 10 minutes for a brief meditation to " ground us" when we all need it. She always gives feedback in a positive way , there's no such thing as a " bad" painting in her class.( Unlike some other art teachers I've known). She has the utmost respect for all her students. I've really come a long way in my painting, being in her class .....I have learned so much & learned the " language of painting " too. She's a rare jewel as a teacher , someone I'm thankful is in my life."

~ Barbara Dabah


"I began painting with Diane 8 years ago with no painting and little drawing experience and I've loved the class. I have grown into a (somewhat) confident and enthusiastic painter through Diane's great talent as a teacher. I want to emphasize Diane's way of teaching. She is very sensitive to the individual differences and ideas of her students, making amazing shifts to accommodate and respond to a variety of styles and visions in the room. She finds the strengths in each person's work and following the positive, the growing edge, she helps move the work forward. She makes suggestions, talks about the painting before her in an accessible way, so that I've moved my own work in unexpected directions. And it is great fun being in the studio with the other students who are supportive and inspiring."

~ Ann


"Working with Diane has been fantastic and transformative. I have been with her for 18 years and what I appreciate most is that she can 'meet me' wherever I am and take me to the next level in my painting. Diane has a unique ability to discern what is needed. She encourages every student to be true to themselves. If you want to enjoy painting, become a master, or JUST ______, Diane is your guide!"

~ Cheryl Lazarus


"I loved studying with Diane in summer of 1983 at Chautauqua and coming  to know her as much for 30+ years! Diane is an inspiring teacher, artist, and person who teaches from the heart and soul recognizing each person’s strengths, in a delightfully creative, supportive and exciting learning environment. Diane brings her passion for painting and art history affectionately to her teaching. You will love her!"

~ Suzanne Chamlin


"My name is Cheng Luo. I have been Diane's student since 2013. I am an art MFA student but I pretty much learned everything from her. She is truly my art mother, mentor and guide. I learned everything from the formal language, technique, history, reading visual language and how to catch my own current mind flow. She helped me understand who I am, and grow as the way I am. I think the biggest bonus is she helped me realize my true voice and to grow that tender art bud!  Her teaching style is individual focused, studio based, creative and fun."

~ Cheng Cheng


"It is a pleasure to be taught by Diane. She has a warm, engaging personality. I am drawn to her intelligence, curiosity and enthusiasm. Her passion for painting, teaching and life is inspiring. Diane’s teaching style is unique. She shares her knowledge and experience of the language of painting along with her ability to intuitively know what each student needs to hear to open them up to what is possible. She brings heart and soul to her classes."

~ Janice Ferro


"The holistic approach to art of the Green Studio School is a unique oasis in the busy city. Like the top art programs, Diane teaches all the painting fundamentals of composition, line, color, value, space, history and technique. What's different from other classes I've attended is that through a nurturing learning process I was empowered to understand that art can nourish the spirit. Diane has opened up new worlds for me as a person and as a painter!"

~ Bonnie M


"I have been studying with Diane for over 15 years and I believe her teaching style is completely unique.  I would compare it to a chess master playing 12 simultaneous games of chess with 12 different students.  As the chess master moves from player to player, she must remember each board and understand the way each player thinks in order to anticipate future chess moves.  When she returns to any given player's board, she must be able to identify what move that player has made. Similarly, Diane goes from student to student, each of us painting our own chosen subject in our own individual style.  She easily identifies how we have changed (or moved) the painting since the last time she came by, and then her move is to encourage us to move the painting in the direction that fits our vision.  Most importantly, she knows us individually -- our styles, our temperaments, and indeed our reasons for wanting to paint. It makes no difference whether you are an instinctive painter with innate talent, or whether you believe you have little or no innate ability and require a defined structural approach to painting  You will find both (and infinite ranges in between) in Diane's class."

~ Rona


"I have been a student of Diane Green’s for over 15 years.  I am also an art educator.  As both a student and a teacher, I can attest to Diane’s expertise as a fellow educator. In Diane’s studio, you will not learn ”how to.”  No cookie cutter prescriptions for turning out look-alike products. Rather, you will find a respect for diversity and individuality, and a method of instruction which will lead you on a search for your own true voice.  This is achieved through an understanding of art as a language in and of itself, and the study of the formal elements of this language, such as line and shape, color and space.  Once you have learned the language, your personal expressions will flow."

~ Barbara Azizo


"I met Diane at a drawing class that she taught at the Met. It was amazing! I was going to sign up with her for the following term but she encouraged me to join her painting class instead. 

That was when Diane opened up a whole new world for me, teaching me to find my own voice through color, value, materiality, line, shape and subject matter. By referring to the great masters we were taught endless modes of expression. Our class consists of extraordinary and talented artists, each with their own style. Diane encourages each of us to keep expressing what is coming from inside of us. That is what makes her such a unique and awesome teacher."

~ Eileen


"I studied with Diane Green for 8 years and have always been so grateful for the instruction I received from her.  Diane takes her teaching responsibility very seriously and is a unique painting instructor.  She works with each student individually and encourages you to develop your own voice.  You do not paint what Diane wants you to paint but what you want to paint and she helps you find that ability.  What you learn from Diane is developing color palettes, composition, painting techniques, understanding the best art materials and about the application of art history in developing your own voice.  You learn how to start a work and how to move it along to completion.  You do not leave class at the end of the day without a review of your piece or development of your idea so that when you return to class you are ready to get going with confidence.  Classes are intimate and welcoming with students of all levels of experience. I have left the city but am a serious painter and a day never goes by without Diane's words of wisdom prompting me along and allowing me to take the risks I need to make!"

~ Sandra Nystrom


It is very rare to be the student of a gifted teacher.  It is even more rare to find a teacher who doesn’t impose their ways of being on you, rather brings out the best in who you are as an individual.  I had the honor of being taught and guided by Diane Green for over 10 years.  She was a mentor to me at a time where the quality of instruction mattered more than the quantity. As a mother of three with very little time to give myself, she was my lifeline to art. If she hadn’t been there to reinforce confidence in my artistic potential, I don’t know if I would have continued to pursue art as my path in life.  If you are looking for a place where all art and all ideas are valid, where you can shine as an individual in your own expressive way, and where you can learn about the true language of art, look no further than the Green Studio.

~ Rina AC Dweck



Dear Diane
Here is my "testimonial". It comes from my heart with much gratitude. 

I took up oil painting late in life,upon retiring.  I had never drawn or painted before. I was lucky to take a 3 day workshop with Diane which changed everything.
She taught me how to look at and understand a painting.  She introduced me to artists I had never heard of.  I learned about color mixing,composition,the importance of negative space.  Diane encouraged me to experiment with different techniques.  With her guidance I found my " voice" and developed the special way I now paint. Diane has the ability to walk around her studio and whether your style is realistic ,impressionistic ,or abstract,she can immediately read your painting and have you look and question areas you might not have thought about.
My paintings are now my vision not just a reproduction of the photograph or still life in front of me.
I have moved from New York City and I can honestly say the only thing I truly miss is my time painting with Diane.

~ Helen


"I have been studying with Diane Green for 26 years. Friends have questioned my loyalty to one teacher and I tell them that Diane has the unique ability to teach a group of  students with differing abilities, fears ,visions, and goals; always recognizing and supporting their differences. Walk into her class and you see the individuality in the work. We never stay in one place or rest on our laurels. As an artist, she herself is always growing, changing, questioning; and generously passing new insights on to her students. 

26 fruitful years....
Hoping to continue learning with Diane."

~ Hanna Moskin