Diane Green

Diane Green is a painter and teacher, and the founder of The Green Studio School in NYC. She received her MFA degree from Yale University and taught  painting and drawing at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia for a few years. Over time, she realized that there was a need to teach in a way that was rich in its offerings and that also encouraged each individual student's unique artistic expression. The Green Studio School is based upon these principles. The school's philosophy celebrates each individual's approach to life, using art process to reveal personal vision that empowers and delights.

Diane has also had the good fortune of working with Taoist Master Nan Lu, Dr. Steven Weiss of the Medicine Lodge Clinic, Donna Eden of Energy Medicine, shamanic healer James Philip, and numerous other energy workers. She brings her deep knowledge of the two worlds of Art and Energy and weaves them together for a unique combination of courses and workshops unlike any others.

Thomas Bosket

Thomas Bosket teaches at Parsons the New School and has taught workshops on: ColorBots (color theory taught through basic robotics), and Exploring Perception Through Interpretation (an interactive drawing exploration). Finding that creativity and art were much more than exclusive objects to be hung on walls, he began to develop workshops that integrated the creative spirit into everyday life. These workshops are beneficial to any life learner. 

Thomas studied painting at Parsons and received his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1995. He is a NYS licensed massage therapist and has studied with vocal coach Claude Stein to connect his “thinking body” with his feeling voice. These exploration have led to an integration of body, mind and spirit in service to the teaching of individual creative expression. One student said this “cocktail” teaches you “the why we make art instead of the how that so many teachers focus on”.  Please see his latest ventures at ENGN.

Rosie Stars

 Rev Rosemarie Stars is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister who studied Life Coaching with Iyanla Vanzant at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. She is also a trained energy healer and instructor who uses oils, stones and resins to help people shift from slower, lower vibrations of negativity to higher, positive levels. She has developed a special healing process to help people release negativity after suffering trauma. By energetically clearing emotion that becomes “stuck” at the time of traumatic event(s) then “resetting” the experience people have described themselves as “free” of old recurring negativity, fear and anxiety.

Tomek Bogacki

Tomek Bogacki is a painter and children’s book illustrator. He was born in Poland and received his Master’s degree in Painting and Graphic art from Academy of Art in Warsaw. Since then, he has been active in painting, animation, film-making, graphic design, theatre stage design and decorative paintings/murals on walls. He is also an illustrator and has published over 50 children’s books all around the world.

Guillaume Gauthereau

After a career that scaled the heights of corporate success as a CEO of global companies, Guillaume Gauthereau reached a turning point in his life – material success and trappings had not necessarily made him really happy or fulfilled. He decided to completely change his life and embarked on a journey of self-exploration and meditation that took him from working with Mother Teresa’s mission in India, to the jungles of Peru in search of finding meaning in life and fulfillment beyond the material demands of society.

During the last 10 years in his transformative journeys across Asia & South America. Guillaume had rare opportunities to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths.  He is trained in Medical Reiki, Sufi Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, and he is currently doing a certification in the Science and Art of Herbalism. In Nepal, a Tibetan Healing Master instructed Guillaume on the power of Tibetan Healing Bowls

Born and educated in France, Guillaume also holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine & Surgery from Maisons-Alfort, France. Guillaume resides at The Sanctuary in the Catskills and travels to New York City and all over the world for his work.

Gunjan Raheja 

Gunjan Raheja is a designer studying MFA Design and Technology at Parsons the New School.  She believes in the quote "Inspire or get Inspired". She connects art and design with the concept of life - to create, to inspire, to communicate, to interpret and to connect. She is the administrator of The Green Studio School.