Safer Space Guidelines

The Green Studio School's Safer Space Guidelines

Accessibility - The building has elevator access. The studio is however not wheelchair accessible. You are not in a fragrance free zone however we encourage all participants and students to come fragrance free to keep the space as neutral as possible. 

Capacity - All workshops have a max capacity of 12 students to keep an intimate and more focused learning environment. 

Format - Each workshop is unique in its format. Please refer to the workshop description to get a clear sense of how the time and space will be utilized. 

Materials - Some workshops include materials with your admission, some do not. Please pay close attention to the workshop description. We advise that you wear comfortable clothing and also keep in mind that some materials may stain.

Honoring and Welcoming Difference - this is a space that welcomes people of all experiences, ages, backgrounds, identities and expressions. Please be mindful of the space you hold with one another and contribute to a safer environment for all to show up in the fullness of who they are. 

Time - Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to be sure to start the class on time, together. 

Process, Not Product - The workshops are designed to guide you through an experience and process in which you are invited to heal and transform vs. walk away with a final product/piece of art. 

Consent - You are here by enthusiastic consent and you may also leave at any time without any questions asked.