The Green Studio School

139 Fulton St. #213

New York, NY 10038

Perhaps the enchantment of our childhood perspective was not so much fantasy as a not-truly-lost reality that can still be reclaimed. Perhaps there is a door to miraculous realms that is simply waiting for us to open it.
— Williamson, Marianne. “The Age of Miracles".

Semester courses Painting and Drawing

Offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

These are not simply group courses, but they are one-on-one consultations based on the needs and desires of each individual student. This allows for each person to arrive and work on the level they are at.  In addition, there are group conversations that work to expand understanding of all that the school embodies - connecting to ones voice through different modes of energy work, understanding the language of painting, technical ideas and opening up to some of your best teachers, artists from history. 

The Experiential Color Workshop I & II

The Color Workshops offer you an opportunity to have a hands on exploration of how to read color in a painting and how to translate it into your own artwork.  Both classes are limited to 8 students. 

Fall Color Workshops

Color Workshop I: September 26, October 10, October 24

10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Color Workshop II: November 7, December 5, December 19

10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Cost: $300 - to register email

Color Workshop I: Open to all levels (Students often take this workshop multiple times to provide more understanding of color and it's various points of entry.)

  • Part 1: Reading examples of color-use in paintings, both in contemporary and past art.

  • Part 2: Taking this information and using it to explore the different approaches to color mixing and palette making.

  • Part 3: Applying this knowledge into a painting using your own subject matter.

Color Workshop II: Color Workshop I is a requirement or permission of instructor

  • Part 1: Reading examples of color amount and placement in paintings, in both contemporary and past art.

  • Part 2: Taking this information and using it to explore the different approaches to color mixing and palette making.

  • Part 3: Applying this knowledge into each individuals own subject matter.

Package of 7 Sessions  Painting and Drawing

This is a perfect package for people who would need flexibility. The package is good for one year.  Class dates can be chosen from alternate Wednesdays and available spots from Tuesdays and Thursdays.    


The Ecstasy of Art and Tantric Drawing Workshop

Sunday, December 2nd, January 6th, Feb 3rd

3-6 PM

At Beacon of Light Wellness Center in Beacon, NY!

Workshop Facilitators: Diane Green and jLTg Holo

Cost: $50 (Special Introductory Price for Dec 2nd only)

to register email

Limited to 12 participants

Journey beyond your egoic mind limitations. Touch your boundless freedom and limitless creativity with timeless tantra, infusing the expression of your spirit through the art of drawing.  This workshop is for everyone, including all types of visual artists, who want to expand their sense of self and embrace their WHOLE SELF through the true journey of Tantra, using drawing as the primary vehicle. We will integrate breath, meditation, sound, movement, touch, and communion with your fellow voyagers into this drawing process in order to uncover the deepest realms of your heart and the heart of drawing.

Through an initial movement meditation and yogic tantric energy exploration, we will find our way into connection with our vital breath, with each other and with Self. The workshop will gradually open our heart to the spirit of our drawing materials as they transform and reflect our BEING.

In this introductory three hour workshop, we will remain fully clothed. The sensual touch will be innocent, gentle, and non-sexual. It is a common misconception to equate Tantra solely with sex because true Tantra is much more than sex. The bliss of sex is limited to however long the pleasurable union is extended while the bliss of true Tantra is an unlimited blissful union of the self with Self. Let us “weave” the Ecstasy of Tantra and Drawing into every aspect of our lives to nourish our most satisfying lives.

About co-facilitator jLTg:

jLTg Holo is an integrative, holistic mystic and doctor of Chinese medicine. jLTg (pronounced Jay-Light-Gee) was adopted from South Korea when his adoptive American mother had a vision of his face on the cross during a religious service, which is documented in his first spiritual video with his mother. At the age of 14, jLTg had his first spontaneous mystical experience of the void and by 19 years old, he was graced with the vision of the Divine as a column of a thousand suns. After graduating from college, jLTg lived as a resident student at the Dai Bosatsu Zen Monastery for a total of 3 years. He also travelled for 3 years meeting and studying with various spiritual teachers such as Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan who was considered one of the top 10 psychic researchers in the world by UNESCO; jLTg was certified in yoga at the Vivekananda Ashram in India, certified in advanced energy healing in the Philippines and certified in acupressure in Thailand. After 40 years of steady, organic spiritual study and practice, without the potentially beneficial aid of psychedelics or psychotropic medications, jLTg permanently pierced the veil of illusion and lives from holo, infinity, the home of all spiritualities.

Studio Space Rentals  Available upon request

All Studio spaces are currently rented. Please email us at if you're interested in studio space rentals that become available.