The Green Studio School

139 Fulton St.


New York, NY 10038

Perhaps the enchantment of our childhood perspective was not so much fantasy as a not-truly-lost reality that can still be reclaimed. Perhaps there is a door to miraculous realms that is simply waiting for us to open it.
— Williamson, Marianne. “The Age of Miracles".

Semester courses Painting and Drawing

Offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays

These are not simply group courses, but they are one-on-one consultations based on the needs and desires of each individual student. This allows for each person to arrive and work on the level they are at.  In addition, there are group conversations that work to expand understanding of all that the school embodies - connecting to ones voice through different modes of energy work, understanding the language of painting, technical ideas and opening up to some of your best teachers, artists from history. 

Drawing and Painting Circles

The Drawing and Painting Circle offers you an opportunity to open and expand your knowledge of yourself and your work as an artist. Through group meditation, visualization, and experimental exercises, the Circle creates space for play, non-judgement, freedom and humor. The Circle is an important support to the regular painting classes and is recommended for all students.

Winter Session Circle

February 7, February 21, March 7, March 21

10:30 am - 2:30 pm


Package of 7 Sessions  Painting and Drawing

This is a perfect package for people who would need flexibility. The package is good for one year.  Class dates can be chosen from alternate Wednesdays and available spots from Tuesdays and Thursdays.    


Unique Workshops  Art & Your Reawakening

Check back often, as new workshops are always being added! Where we go deeper into the focus of art and self. We are merging art with various healing approaches to produce extraordinary results and insights.

Skype Consultations  Available upon request

please email us at

Studio Space Rentals  Available upon request

All Studio spaces are rented. Please email us at if you're interested in studio space rentals that come available.