All great artists whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. The mind then gives form to the creative impulse or insight.
— Tolle, Eckhart "The Power of Now"

Come & Experience

A Drawing and Painting school that merges

The Visual Arts With The Healing Arts

The Green Studio School was founded in 1994 in New York City by Diane Green. Courses and workshops are specifically designed to celebrate each individual's approach to life, using art processes and healing modalities to open one's intuition and reveal personal strengths that empower. The offerings are for both beginners and for those that already have an established art practice. There are many options to engage and expand both your artistic expression and personal self-understanding. 
Sessions are taught on an individual tutorial basis. Workshops are taught in groups. Each student comes with their own strengths and vision but what everyone shares is a common language and understands how to honor the differences between their approaches in the class. 


One Student's Journey ... 

"I have been a student of Diane Green’s, off and on, since 1994. Post-college, when I was searching for the meaning of it all and a focus for myself, I stumbled across her painting class— and it forever changed the way I would look at the world. She taught painting as a 'whole-life discipline,’ not just a hobby. Under her tutelage, it was never enough to make merely technically proficient paintings, it had to have personal meaning. And the meaning we drew on was from our whole lives. She taught me to ‘aspire not to what’s in the galleries, but what is in the museums’ — in other words, to take the long, long view. When we had our first student exhibitions, she called them ‘Space and Spirit,’ and though she says a lot has changed since I regularly took classes with her, I think the kernel of how Diane teaches is still contained best within those two key words. She teaches you how to make space with paint - not just the ‘things' in front of you, but the space and the spirit of the things in front of you, those dimensions of the visual world which lend them significance and meaning in connection with your life. But make no mistake, this is no wishy-washy ‘just paint your feelings and freely express yourself’ approach (although authentic expression is always the goal). This is a rigorous art training that teaches you every available option of creating space and form with paint and drawing materials. She explains exactly how space and form is created on a 2-dimensional surface and draws on all phases of art history to illustrate those means, giving you the full range of tools at your disposal.

Her instruction in color palettes and materials are likewise comprehensive.  I recall when I shared a studio with an art college grad, she marveled at the instruction I had received, versus that at her famous NYC art college, where she never learned these foundational skills. When I had a question about the qualities of certain blues in a color palette, she was the person I turned to to find the definitive answer. But all of this is done in a way which is not stiffly adhering to convention, but rather explaining the range of tools available to you, how and why they function the way they do, so that you can make informed and skilled choices for your own meaning-making. And that’s when things get really challenging! Because she can tell long before you can when you are copping out and she isn’t afraid to point it out and nudge you in the direction you need to go in order for your work to develop - and ultimately for your own self-growth. She won’t let you hide behind safe, merely proficient work. But this is always done in a supportive, connective manner.

More recently Diane’s approach has shifted into more energetic realms of exploration, which I experienced recently on a painting retreat to Italy, an approach at once more embodied and more spiritual. Less in the head, more in the heart and the body. It is an exciting exploration … Embracing the full scope of the journey of your life. No other instructor of any subject I have ever studied (and I’ve taken a LOT of courses and workshops) tackles this many levels of being and doing in their instruction and guidance. Diane is simply the most gifted teacher I have ever encountered. Never comfortable with what she has already achieved, continually questioning and pushing her own boundaries, she is a working model of what it means to embrace a wholly-lived life."

~ Allison Harrington